Silicone Oven Mitt + Silicone Baking Mat Set 2 in 1 half sheet Non-Stick Commercial Grade. Potholder Glove with Extra Long Cotton Lining. Both Great for Cooking Grilling, Baking. LIFETIME WARRANTY!

I received the MAMAswag silicone oven mitt and Matt at a discount in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. I really like this mitt because of its lining. The lining is soft. My hand fit nicely inside it and allowed for me to move easily with it making it easy to handle pans quickly right out of the oven without being burnt. I did not feel any seeping heat through the mitt on the different occasions I have used it but I haven’t had to hold anything for any extended time. The matt makes for easier cleanup when using cookie sheets in the oven. Now I don’t need to buy tin foil to cover the bottoms of the pans. I don’t see how the lining is able to be removed from the mitt but think that’s a minor oversight in manufacturing or description of product considering the lining seems to be permanently in the mitt and the part that makes these really comfortable. I do wish it came as a pair of oven mitts rather than just a single mitt. These would make great gifts.


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