Slim for Life: Detox Tea. Reduces Bloating, Supports Digestion. Appetite suppressant. Body Cleanse and Detox.

I received the Cleanse & Detox Diet Tea at a discount in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. I really like that this came in tea bags themselves individually instead of it being a loose leaf tea. It is a 15-day detox and there is enough tea bags included for the 15 days. It recommends drinking one cup of the cleanse & detox tea after breakfast and after supper. It is not very tasty and I did not find it appealing in anyway. However, I am going to continue the detox even with the effects I am not really keen on. I get stomach cramping within an hour of drinking the not so great tasting or smelling tea. Then I end up beginning to be flushed out not much longer after that. The same thing happens in the evenings. I do not feel energized and surely do not feel as if it is suppressing my appetite since it is flushing my system so quickly. As I eat it flushes out and sooner than normally I am hungry and eating again.



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