USB 3.0 Cable PC Power Charger Data Transfer Cable/Cord/Lead For External Portable Hard Drive Disk HDD WD Western Digital Samsung Sandisk Seagate Sony Toshiba Cellphone Galaxy Note3 (Blue)

I received the 3.0 usb charger and power cord free in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. I have not had the original cord for my samsung galaxy note 3 since I purchased it refurbished a year ago so not sure how it compares to the original charging cord for this phone but in comparison to the regular micro usb charging cords I have been using its excellent and fast charging cord. It’s downfall is its a really short cord. It’s easy to attach and leaves no questions about the way it needs to be inserted making it almost impossible to mistakenly force it in wrongly and screw up your charging port. The wire itself is very thick compared to other cords I have had also. Making it seem as its gonna be a power cord that will last. It’s a flat cord not round. I like the cord but do wish it was atleast double it’s length for me convenience.


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