check out this new up and coming company

Read up on their new Organiponic systems they are creating and running through Start Engine:Click here for a contest for a trip they are running to Lake Tahoe for 2. Even if your not interested in the Organiponic Inc. growing System you can still winth the trip for 2. so signup. Ends January 31,2017 It is definately going to be a great system. I hope to be able to get one to test it out myself




Rachael Burgess- Falling her Debut Single with Giveaway

Rachael Burgess is an independent songwriter and singer. She is married and has a baby girl she adores. Rachael began singing at an early age, from the time she could talk, and plans on continuing as it is her life long dream to give others happiness and joy. Through her songs she hopes to be accomplishing this dream by the power of her voice and love for music.

You can help her achieve her goals by purchasing her song here:

Given the opportunity by Rachael to hear her song and have my very own copy of her song Falling in exchange for some exposure I was very happy. Her voice is beautiful. I had never heard of her before this opportunity and not ever heard her songs but I have now found a new singer/songwriter I can hear and experience the words that bring them so much emotion.

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