Healthworks Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I received the Healthworks organic extra virgin cold pressed 32oz coconut oil at a discount in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. Upon receipt the coconut oil was completely liquefied due to the heat of summer and shipping. Once in the house over night it has solidified. I like that this has a slight coconut flavor and love the coconut smell it has. this can be used for many things from cooking with it, adding it to smoothies, moisturizing your skin, and many other ways to use it that is beneficial to your health. I use it as an oil to saute food in, cooking with it every chance I get, even adding it to salad with balsamic vinegar. This would be great as part of a homemade body and face scrub too. Coconut oil adds saturated fats to your diet which helps raise the good cholesterol in your body. With higher good cholesterol the bad cholesterol is lowered lowering your risk for heart disease and other heart-related’ issues such as strokes and heart attacks. It is no cure for heart problems but it does lower the risk