Sentey V4.0 B-Trek Stereo Bluetooth headphones

I received my Sentey V4.0 B-Trek Stereo Bluetooth headphones in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. Honestly, this is my first ever pair of Bluetooth headphones And I love them. They came with charge to them but just to be sure I plugged them in to get a full charge. So far I have had them on for 5 hours without any sound deterioration. I even went out on my patio a while leaving tablet plugged in charging and the sound was still great. The Bluetooth connected without hassle to both my droid ultra xt1080 and my Samsung galaxy note 8.0 tablet. They are comfortable to wear however not so comfortable laying down with them on. Not like it’s painful or anything but just feel odd. They are even loud enough to set them around your neck and still hear them clear in stereo! I recommend them to anyone in need of a good headset that needs hands-free or even wanting a good set of headphones for your radio or computer.

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