The Immortalitea Company’s Hibiscus Loos Leaf Tea

I received my one pound bag of The Immortalitea Company’s Hibiscus Loose Leaf Tea in exchange for my unbiased opinion. This bag of tea is long lasting. Directions read to steep 1-2 deed Hibiscus flowers in 8 ounces of wasted for 6-8 minutes. It was stronger than I thought it would be so I have adjusted it a few different ways and found the best for e is to either cut down the steeping time to 3-4 minutes and add a dab of honey or to cut the amount of flower blooms down to one for the 6-8 minutes and still add a bit of honey. The honey added is a must for me since the tea is a bit too tart for my liking. Doing it this way I actually will have the bag to use a lot longer than if using 2 dried blooms. The tea turns the water a pretty pink color when it is perfect for my liking. Hibiscus tea has been said to be able to help with high blood pressure, which I have and on some days it does seem to aid in my blood pressure level being normal while other days I do not see a difference. When I was on medication for my high blood pressure I feel I was at risk of side effects that Hibiscus tea does not have. The hibiscus flower tea is not known to cause any side effects that I was at risk of with the prescriptions my previous doctors had me on. Hibiscus flowers are known also to have high levels of antioxidants that are good for your health and essential to your bodies needs and proper functioning. It is possible that drinking atleast 2 cups of Hibiscus tea a day can decrease inflammation and possibly reverse inflammatory diseases in the body. This tea is naturally caffeine free allowing you to drink it right before bed without any effects from caffeine on your sleep. It has a high percentage of vitamin C and also can benefit your liver, which is the purpose for which I am drinking it daily. I have a fatty liver from obesity and so my liver levels are high and I am hoping for the Immortalitea Company’s Hibiscus Loose Leaf tea will aid in my levels decreasing. I wont know for a few months since my levels get done every 6 months. It is recommended not to be used by pregnant women and could cause miscarriage. The bag that came is a 1 pound huge light resistant bag with a zip closure on top for aid in keeping tea fresh for every cup. Great price worth every it the price for the health benefits.