MeasuPro digital arm blood pressure machine

I received tge MeasuPro digital arm blood pressure machine at a promotional cost on exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. It comes with the need 4 AAA batteries to operate and instruction booklet. It can use a DC plug but it is not included. It can be used for 2 people with memory for both. Date and time was easy to set and taking your blood pressure is very easy with this. Ots very responsive and gives your blood pressure and pulse ready quickly. It also has a meter to let you know where you stand as in normal, low, high, or pre-hypertension. It features an average of your blood pressures that are saved in memory. This is a very nice easy to use blood pressure meter. Well worth its cost. I recommend it to others who have been advised to monitor their blood pressure at home and to professionals in the home health professions. Very handy and useful.

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