Vimerson Health Women’s Multivitamins

I received a 60 count bottle of Vimerson┬áHealth Women’s Multivitamins free in exchange for my unbiased opinion. Upon first arrival, I looked at the panel of listed vitamins and noticed that the dosage was for 2 capsules. The capsules being very large in my opinion seemed as if 2 of them would be difficult for me to swallow at once. The recommended daily value is extremely lower than what is in these capsules for some of the included vitamins while others are only at 100% if you take the 2 capsule dose the company says is a serving. Other vitamins such as magnesium, calcium, selenium, and vitamin A are way lower per capsule than the daily recommended value. Being leery of the amounts recommended I only took 1 capsule rather than 2 out of concern for having too much than is recommended. The immune blend and antioxidant blend included in this multivitamin is a plus in my opinion but not enough to make me want to take these on a regular basis. They claim these are All-Natural, GMO, Gluten-Free containing no soy, hormones, antibiotics, yeast, sugar, or artificial flavors. These capsules large in size have a slight smell that is not bad per say but not really a smell that’s appealing to me. these are made in the USA and tested by third party to confirm validity. I did not taste an aftertaste after taking these but don’t trust the extreme amounts of vitamins in it in compared to others. These are okay I just won’t buy them again because of my own nerves not because of any odd feelings they caused after taking.