Sentey 3200Dpi Nebulus Laser Gaming Mouse

I received my Sentey 3200Dpi Nebulus Laser Gaming Mouse in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. It is more amazing than I originally thought it would with the price being low.This mouse gives quite the performance you are looking for right out of the box. The Nebulus Sentey gaming mouse for endurance. This mouse resonates performance from the time you open the box. The braided cable is built for endurance and the heavy use that PC gaming puts on equipment. It has a very nice ergonomic design and the arc of the mouse fits nicely in the palm of your hand allowing precision control even during long gaming sessions. The ability to change speeds by a push of a button make the learning curve for this product very easy to use and manage. Just set the speed and you are good to go. This mouse has the same high performance and qualities for a much better price than the high-priced gaming mice others are out buying. The endurance needed and the heavy use that PC gamers put on equipment are no issue for this high-quality laser mouse. I recommend this mouse to anyone in need of a higher quality mouse without the high price tag.

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