Samsung Galaxy Note 3 OEM Original Standard Li-ion Battery 3200mAh for Galaxy Note 3 – Non-Retail Packaging – Black/Silver (Certified Refurbished)plus One (1) Bastex External Dock LCD Battery Charger

I received the Bastex charger and replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 3 OEM refurbished battery free in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. The charger is great and works really well. It has a lighted screen to show the percentage of battery charge. This charger is a universal charger that can be used with many phone batteries. The battery works well so far however I am not sure that it is an OEM battery since the battery that came with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was manufactured in a different country than the refurbished battery that came with this charger. It leads me to believe that the battery included with this charger is not an original Samsung battery and instead is a refurbished remake of the battery by some other company that is pretending to be OEM batteries.


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